About Mindful Collage™

Mindful Collage™ started as a yearlong challenge to myself to keep an ‘artful journal’ (a name I gradually adopted). I wanted to create a visual journal of my year, but it turned out to be so much more than that. It became a combination of:

  • Mindfulness – quieting my mind, calming my spirit, and opening my heart;
  • Collage – a simple, yet powerful technique in which you collect pictures and images, and glue them onto something in a meaningful way;
  • Journaling – writing and processing from the heart; and
  • Self-Discovery – finding my way back to myself.

As I engaged in this daily/weekly practice, I began to experience subtle but powerful changes internally. I felt a renewed connection between my heart and my mind; I found myself giving a voice and meaning to the randomness of my thoughts; and I felt a kind of healing of parts of myself that I had tucked away.

I shared my enthusiasm (passion) for this creative (and addictive) process with friends, family, and even some of my clients. And I found that they were inspired to start their own artful journals, and wanted to know more about it, and how to get started. And that began my journey to create an ever evolving practice for a community of women who want to awaken and find themselves in a mindful, creative way.