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The hardest part of keeping a mindful journal for me is working in it regularly. No big surprise there. It’s always on my mind with intention…to journal every day (at least a little), to do weekly collages on the weekend, to keep a kind of picture journal for the blog, to blog every week. However, time doesn’t give a flip about intention. So, I am ever trying to balance my time and energy between work, home and family, and squeezing in my creative time when I can. And it’s hard. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and I find myself not doing any of it very well, and then beating myself up because what’s wrong with me that I can’t do it all?!?

I wish I had an easy solution to this problem. I wish that I could figure it out, and share it with women who struggle with the same problem. But, though I don’t have a perfect solution, I do have my own way of getting…keeping myself on track.

First, I stop badgering myself because I’m not managing it all perfectly. That is energy wasted, and when I step out of that wasteful cycle, I not only have more energy, but I get some clarity and begin to change my perception of things.

Then I remember that time is mine. I can do with it what I choose. It may not always be efficient, and may even be messy at times, but I’m in control of me…and my time, not the other way around.

Perception is a key concept for me…especially in my mindful journaling. Often, a small change in perception, will change the way I look at things, including my images. I can be stuck, thinking that I’ll never find the right image for what I’m feeling, and then I stop… breathe, and reset my intention to open my mind to the perfect image. Without fail, it comes to me. It’s not magic, it’s changing your perspective, and allowing your intuition to guide you…oh, and listening to it.

It’s a new year, and that means a new mindful journal. I’m doing it differently this year (a change in perception?), and I’m taking pictures and making notes as I go, so I’ll be sharing that in this blog soon. Whether you’ve come here intentionally or stumbled upon this blog, I hope you’ll come back.  And please, feel free to leave comments you have and want to share.


Happy New Year!!

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  1. Norola Morgan says:

    I love your work space!

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