stencils and brushes and paints, oh my…


Every so often, I take my journal and supplies and go to my friend Sandra’s for a day (or mini) retreat to journal and collage.  We spread out our supplies and let our creativity run wild.  At a recent mini-retreat we decided to spend some time and “prepare” some pages in our journals. For me, this means creating the background for my journaling pages and my collage. It also means I get to play with stamps and stencils using different mediums…pastels, acrylics, creams, glimmer mists, distress inks, distress crayons…anything I have in my store of mediums. We tried them dry, and then used a little water with them, we blended them, dabbed them, stippled them, and smudged them. We used dabbers, stenciling brushes, sponges, paint brushes…again, anything we could think of.

It was a stencil-fest, and we rocked!

Stencils in journal - left


Stencils in journal - right


There was no inhibition, just letting go of any expectation, and tapping fearlessly into that deep well of creativity that we all have. I am in awe at how open I’ve become to trying different things. Last year I was very structured, even rigid in how I approached my journal, and now I’m trying all kinds of creative things, and the wonderful side-effect is seeing how it changes and evolves my collage and journaling…amazing. And how great is it to have someone to share this with, someone who is just as addicted as I am!?!


One comment on “stencils and brushes and paints, oh my…
  1. Norola Morgan says:

    Those stencils are soooooooooo nice! You did some beautiful prep work with them.

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