I love serendipity…


Sometimes, what you’re looking for
comes when you’re not looking at all…


I came into this year with challenging, but doable ‘personal’ expectations: that I would start the year in my new journal (didn’t happen); and I would start blogging for Mindful Collage every week (nope); and I would make time each week for journaling and collaging (uh-uh). In turning inward to see what is really going on with me, I realized that I also came into this year with a deficit…exhausted from the emotional roller coaster that goes along with having breast cancer, the emotional intensity of all the clients I saw in the last quarter; exhausted from the daily worry about family and friends, and from a lack of my own self-care.

Starting the year with a deficit is tricky. I don’t have a bottomless well to pull from, and naturally, I keep trying to catch up, ever disappointing myself…another drain on my already empty well of resilience.  What replenishes me, what ignites my passion, what makes me want to get up in the morning is being creative… writing, working mindfully in my journal, making a collage that expresses who I am in this moment. But, being a person who starts at the beginning and moves through things in succession, I’ve been dead in the water because I won’t move forward with collaging in my journal until I have the outside cover done. For me, the cover is an expression of my theme for the year, and it sets me on the path. I knew my theme already; it came to me in some of my journal writing late last year. But, what I wanted on the cover has been elusive, and I’ve been stressing about it for over a month.

So, I sat down in my study, after a very long day in the office, and allowed myself to breathe…to be still and center, and with an open mind, I asked myself, “What is it that I need?” No big surprise that when I became still, and allowed myself to listen, what came to me was the image for the cover of my journal. This was an image I accidentally found weeks ago when I wasn’t even looking for images…serendipitous!


So, good news…I’m seeing progress and finally moving forward in my 2016 artful journal. I just wish that I had remembered sooner to be still and listen to that quiet, but wise voice inside of me…


One comment on “I love serendipity…
  1. Norola Morgan says:

    Your fantastic cover collage image ties in so beautifully with your quote at the top. I love how the figure has her backed turned, but the breath of life is being breathed into her all the same.

    Despite ourselves, we are being loved and supported all the time.

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