decisions, decisions…


There is no right or wrong, only a series of possibilities that shift
with each thought, feeling and action that you experience.
~ Deepak Chopra


At the end of last year (2015), I fell behind in finishing my 2015 artful journal, and for some reason (which I probably should explore) I felt the pressure to complete it before I started 2016. I fell behind at some point during the year and though I kept the journaling up to date, and worked on the collages every week, I still fell behind.  So, I asked myself:

Should I change the format for 2016?

Would a different format give me a differenct experience?

Can I be more efficient and still be creative?

I love this process so much and really don’t want there to be pressure (self-imposed or not) related to it. The idea behind Mindful Collage is to create a process where creativity, self-discovery, and healing (not stress) is nurtured.

In 2015 I used a weekly calendar for my Journal.


I like that it has two pages for each week, that there’s a weekly structure (7 days, and they’re dated for me), and I like that it has the 2-page monthly calendar before each month (more pages that I can collage). However, maybe I don’t have to use a calendar. Using a journal with lined pages that are broken out into months (but not days) would allow me to write when I want, without the pressure of feeling I have to write every day. This is a much less structured approach to writing than what I did last year…hmmmmm.

I got to thinking about why I was drawn to a calendar instead of a lined (or blank) journal. And it came to me that I really like to write every day, and I like the nudge that a dated calendar provides. Writing every day has definite benefits:

  • It keeps me focused in the present
  • It gives me some time to myself, and allows me to quiet my mind and write mindfully
  • It provides perspective about all kinds of things in my life
  • It’s a way for me to keep learning about myself
  • It’s a great stress reliever

After all this I’ve decided to keep my calendar as my journal for 2016, and let the rest come naturally…



One comment on “decisions, decisions…
  1. Norola Morgan says:

    A structure, however slight, can be a great aid in keeping motivated.

    Some really lovely collage work.

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