“I fall in love everyday
with ideas and sensations…”

~ Atticus


Creating my journal from cover to cover is a lot more involved than I thought it would be. It sure makes me appreciate how convenient my calendar journal was. However, I’m committed to making change this year, and my journal is a good place for me to start. (more…)

Sometimes, your true journey
begins on the inside…


This week I’ve been working on the cover of my Mindful Journal. When I first sat down at my table and faced the blank cover, I was overwhelmed by the emptiness…the blankness. And my mind went blank as well.   (more…)


The pages afforded glimpses into my soul where I’d hidden it,
behind masks of paper and ink.

― Rachel L. Schade


Woohoo!! I finished my 2016 mindful journal today, and I’m feeling energized and ready to start my 2017 journal. Two years of mindful collage…exploring, discovering, transitioning, and navigating the ups and downs and the ins and outs of my life. (more…)

The hardest part of keeping a mindful journal for me is working in it regularly. No big surprise there. It’s always on my mind with intention…to journal every day (at least a little), to do weekly collages on the weekend, to keep a kind of picture journal for the blog, to blog every week. However, time doesn’t give a flip about intention. (more…)


Every so often, I take my journal and supplies and go to my friend Sandra’s for a day (or mini) retreat to journal and collage.  We spread out our supplies and let our creativity run wild.  At a recent mini-retreat we decided to spend some time and “prepare” some pages in our journals. (more…)

It’s one of those weeks when writing in my journal doesn’t come easy…so frustrating. The words just won’t come. I get hung-up thinking that I have to write profoundly and that every sentence has to be meaningful. And I think that I have to write about the “important” things…and nothing seems that important. So, I remind myself why I’m journaling…to reclaim the parts of myself that I have closed off or buried, and give those parts a voice, and to do this creatively. (more…)